Employment & Industrial Relations

“A group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world”
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Edge Law Partners believes in a healthy and productive employer-employee relationship within or outside the Firm. Clients having experience the gratitude and poise shown by the members of the Firm when understanding the brief of the matter, refer to them as the ‘cooperative legal partners’ for their industrial disputes.

Following its vision of resolving the people disputes within as well as between the organizations, the members of the Firm have been explicitly trained in soft-skills and people-management. Along with the expertise in the labour laws and regulatory compliances, we have gained the reputation of being the right representatives for the matter no matter how huge or small the dispute might be.

The Firm has been instrumental in advising both of its domestic and international clients keeping their businesses run in a smooth order by complying with all applicable laws and provisions.

What keeps the Firm at the Edge is the people’s approach and skillful human resource management, making the organization work friendly by having necessary rules laid for a sustainable growth of employees and the organization.

Services offered to help our clients receive the Edge -

• Human Resource Policies
• Structuring of ESOPs
• Transfer and Termination of Employees
• Employment Benefits and Compensation
• Drafting of Employment Agreements
• Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
• Non-Disclosure and Non- Compete Agreements
• HR Legal Audit
• Company Policies
• Labour Law Advisory
• Whistle – Blower Management
• Investigations and Background Checks